So let’s discuss the Rex Ryan tattoo

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about Jets coach Rex Ryan’s tattoo. You know the one I’m talking about, the one that’s a picture of his wife Tebowing while wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey. 

Here’s the thing. This isn’t the first time that Rex Ryan and his wife have been in the news because their various kinks became public. There was also the whole foot fetish video thing a few years ago. And hey, they’re consenting adults so if foot fetish exhibitionist stuff is their thing, more power to them, that’s their prerogative. It’s a free country, as long as nobody’s getting hurt they can do whatever they want (and the rest of us have the right to make stupid jokes about it). If that includes fantasies involving various quarterbacks on Rex Ryan’s team, it may be wandering well into the creepy territory but as long as it’s between the two of them, no big deal. 



Except it’s not just between the two of them. When Rex Ryan goes and gets a tattoo on a part of his body that’s not always going to be hidden by clothes while in public–a tattoo that makes reference to two quarterbacks on his team, that’s bringing other people in to whatever his and his wife’s kinks are. Which is probably kind of the point, since, as the aforementioned foot fetish videos demonstrate, the two of them have an exhibitionist streak.

Remember the whole, “as long as nobody’s getting hurt” bit? Well, the second one public figure tattoos reference to two other public figures on to his body in a tattoo that so obviously has something to do with his kink, the “nobody is hurt” part goes out the window. At a bare minimum, it’s ridiculously, absurdly unprofessional to tattoo any sort of reference to your employees to your body, much less a tattoo that certainly seems to be connected to whatever fantasies and kink he and his wife are into. It seems to me that it’s a case of hostile workplace sexual harassment on Rex Ryan’s part. What kind of workplace environment is he creating when his quarterbacks are now aware of the tattoo? In the real, non-football world, I highly doubt that a boss who was discovered to have a tattoo like that would still be employed by the company because the very existence of a tattoo that makes reference to two employees inherently creates a hostile environment. It doesn’t matter how good of a football coach he is, a coach indulging his and his wife’s kink in a way that turns some of his players into unwitting participants in said kink is not appropriate. 

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