Double Standards

Why is it that people who are appalled by Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show have no problem with guys running around in skintight pants that leave nothing to the imagination? To be sure, football pants are functional as well as being form fitting, but still, it’s not like people don’t notice that the tight end has a tight end. Shouldn’t they be teaching their daughters to avert their eyes too?

Oh wait, in that universe women only exist as objects for men’s desire, heaven forbid that they consider that women can desire too. Not to mention that the whole system is one where men are supposed to be proud of their bodies and their physical prowess while women are expected to shrink into the background and remain covered in shapeless garments, ashamed of their bodies. A man’s body is his own, a woman’s body is only what is imposed upon it by the men around her. It’s a messed up system. 

Funny how the people outraged over Beyonce don’t care one whit about the Audi commercial where sexual assault–and yes, forcibly kissing a woman without her consent is sexual assault–is glorified. Once again, a woman owning her body–Beyonce–is attacked while a woman’s body being owned by a man–the Audi commercial–is glorified.  

Published by Kathryn Brightbill

I was born at a very young age.

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