A few years back I was tossing around the idea of writing a chick lit parody until I read a ton of chick lit as research and decided that it was so over-the-top that it was un-mockable self-parody. I think that I’m going to give another go at it, but throw in some leather and whips and sell it as an e-book. I figure the more over-the-top and absurd I make it, the more people will eat it up and the next thing I know I’ll get a book deal. I will, of course, write under a pseudonym so that this post doesn’t come back to bite me. If there’s millions and 3 picture deals that can come out of bad fanfic, then I want a piece of the pie. I might gay it up some too, within extremely narrow acceptable parameters, so that middle American housewives feel like they’re being extra transgressive by reading it. And I’ll throw in some orientalism tropes so that they feel all exotic. Once it’s famous and I have a successful series and a string of movies, I’ll reveal my identity and that the whole thing was designed as a social commentary hoax on gender, race, and literature, and watch the world burn. And even though I’m revealing all here, I’ll wager that even if people stumble across this post they won’t be able to tell which series I wrote.

What say you of my social commentary/get rich quick scheme?

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