If you’ve new to my blog by way of my homeschooling and HSLDA posts, welcome. Although I’ve been blogging on it a good bit lately, the homeschool stuff is a relatively minor subset of what I write about. Like most things on here, I started out mostly writing about it for myself because I’ve never really sat down and thought through my experiences. I’m pretty sure though that when you’re six years old and being asked to explain the legality of homeschooling to the adult who stopped you in the library to ask why you weren’t in school, it’s going to have an influence on your outlook on life. 

It’s kind of weird though, writing about the legal issues relating to HSLDA, because I don’t know how many times I’ve told people, “I know it’s important, but there’s just no way I could do family law, I can’t handle how emotionally involved it is.” I’m taking a family law course next semester, but only because I thought I should at least take something so that I’ve got a well rounded education. What I’m really interested in is intellectual property law. The public policy that I want to be shaping is public policy in the area of technology, the Internet, and open source software. I’m a nerd, I’ve always been a nerd, the tech stuff is my bread and butter, and like how my dad took tons of math classes in college because he didn’t want to write, I found my way to computer science because I discovered I liked the puzzle of programming a lot more than writing research papers. I don’t really blog about the nerdy stuff though because on the Intarwebs, there are plenty of places to go hang out and talk to the other nerds about tech. 

Stick around and I’ll do my best to turn you into a nerd too.

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