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I’m kind of dreading the Supreme Court rulings on marriage tomorrow. Not because I think we’re going to lose–all the Supreme Court math suggests otherwise, but because whatever happens, my Facebook newsfeed is going to be horrible tomorrow. I know people say I should just make heavy use of the “Unfriend” button, and maybe I should, but I don’t feel right about cutting people out of my life like that.

All I know though, is that the two days during oral arguments over Proposition 8 and DOMA were unpleasant because of all the nastiness that showed up in my newsfeed. People forget that there are actual people with real feelings reading their posts, and seeing how many of the people you grew up with and consider friends think you should be a second class citizen without equal rights hurts.

Please remember before you click to post, there are real people with real feelings who are reading what you write. This may be an academic debate for you, but for us, it’s personal. Show some love and compassion and try to think about how you would feel if people you know are busy posting away about how they think that people like you are disgusting abominations who shouldn’t be allowed the same rights they take for granted.

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