Ding dong, Vision Forum Ministries is dead (But Vision Forum, Inc. is still raking in the cash)

Vision Forum Ministries announced today that they are closing up shop entirely. Whatever Doug Phillips did, it had to have been something so bad that the board decided the best course was to shut down the whole thing, turn off the lights and go home. Closing a ministry entirely when it’s not named after the person who sinned is unprecedented in Christian circles, I can’t remember a time that something quite like this happened.

Here’s the statement.

The Closing of Vision Forum Ministries

In some ways, this is the end of an era. Doug Phillips and Vision Forum did much damage to countless people who bought into the oppressive and spiritually abusive system he and his followers taught. He sold an image of a perfect family that not even he could match up to.

I say that “in some ways” it’s the end of an era, but the for-profit Vision Forum, Inc. is still operating, still selling that rotten and oppressive bill of goods to families. Doug Phillips is still making money off of this abusive system. 

Until Vision Forum, Inc. closes up shop too and no more families and children are hurt by Phillips’ message, any celebration of Vision Forum Ministries’ demise is with sadness in my heart that his lies and oppression are still being spread. My only hope is that in the wake of Doug Phillips’ disgrace, families will think twice before purchasing from Vision Forum, Inc.

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