Preview of Coming Attractions

So, I distracted myself from studying for my final to make this post. I’ve been saying for a while that somebody needs to do a greatest hits of current events and history for the former homeschoolers whose parents censored the newspaper/didn’t own a TV/learned all their history from Bob Jones or Abeka and are trying […]

Eisenhower Anti-Gay Executive Order Turns 60

Eisenhower Anti-Gay Executive Order Turns 60 Just a friendly little history lesson about the real-world consequences of discrimination. Eisenhower’s executive order banning LGBT people from the federal civil service happened 60 years ago this month. For the most part, the ban went away in 1975, but it wasn’t officially done away with completely until 1995 […]

On the right side of history and historical blind spots

I think that most of us like to imagine that when we’re faced with the choice of doing what is right, taking a stand on the important issue of our time even when no one around us is standing, that we’ll be on the right side of history. But the reality is that throughout history, […]