Begin reboot sequence: Brain

I’m at the point where my brain wants to completely crash, and it’s only Monday of the first week of finals. I think my brain BSOD’d itself, but unlike a malfunctioning Windows 95 system, CTL-ALT-DEL won’t work. 

And so here I sit looking at animated Doctor Who gifs, which is a wholly unproductive use of my time. Also, I think I’ve decided that while Donna Noble and River Song are my favorite modern era companions (I like a companion who isn’t a damsel in distress and stands up to the Doctor), it’s a tossup between Martha and the new companion, Clara, for hottest modern era companion (well, I suppose you can throw Captain Jack into that mix too). If Clara turns out to be both hot and a strong character, well, she’d be pretty much the perfect companion in my book.

Anyway, my food I ordered is here, so here’s a Martha Jones animated gif.

martha jones

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