Dispatches from the Culture Wars: DOMA

Sixteen and a half years ago President Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act, enshrining inequality into federal law. As Clinton tells it, he had to sign it because it was a veto-proof majority and any veto would have been overruled anyway, though I rather suspect that it had more to do with the fact […]

Stream of consciousness

By the time I finish this amicus brief research, I really am not going to want to think about DOMA and Prop 8 ever again. It’ll be worth it if it helps sway the mind of a Supreme Court justice though. Speaking of which, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea […]

Begin reboot sequence: Brain

I’m at the point where my brain wants to completely crash, and it’s only Monday of the first week of finals. I think my brain BSOD’d itself, but unlike a malfunctioning Windows 95 system, CTL-ALT-DEL won’t work.  And so here I sit looking at animated Doctor Who gifs, which is a wholly unproductive use of my time. […]