John Piper and Tornadoes, 2.0

One of the first blog posts I ever did on this incarnation of my blog was about John Piper’s insensitive comments after deadly tornadoes

He’s at it again. This was tweeted at 11:58 pm on Monday, just hours after scores of people were killed in Oklahoma.

And, in case he deletes it, here’s a screenshot:

There is a time and a place to be quoting Job, this isn’t it, or at least it isn’t the time and the place to be quoting that particular verse. The bodies aren’t even cold yet. To his credit, he’s also tweeting links to disaster relief, but this is so insensitive, I don’t even have anything more I can say. I’m too disgusted.

At least this time he didn’t blame it on the gays, I guess that’s progress?

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