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Stop what you’re doing and go read this Washington Times piece.

The pro-life movement died along with Trayvon Martin

Disappointingly, however, the right’s pro-life credibility died along with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The movement died when pro-lifers allowed the celebration of Trayvon Martin’s death to take place for many months on conservative websites, with little to no response. In the period since Trayvon’s untimely demise, there has been no sustained pro-life effort to express displeasure at his death or the revolting celebration of his death on the right.

The pro-life silence regarding Trayvon’s death shows that many pro-lifers who, with pretentious piousness, point accusing fingers at leftists for their disregard for life, have no qualms about adopting the exact same posture when it conveniently aligns with immoral right-wing talking points.

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The article’s author has only just now discovered the pro-life movement’s hypocrisy, but this kind of thing is why I became disillusioned with the movement. They talk about standing up against injustice but then when the narrative doesn’t fit with right wing talking points they demonstrate time and again that “pro-life” isn’t the accurate description–they aren’t pro-life they’re pro-birth. 

And an unarmed teenage boy is dead and they cheer on his killer.

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