Guys, guys, my favorite wingnut is talking about Homeschoolers Anonymous! He doesn’t mention HA by name, because heaven forbid someone go to the website and see what it’s about, but apparently wanting to reform abuses in homeschooling makes us all apostates. Also, somehow doing debate plays into it, though I’m not entirely sure how debate could have made me an apostate given that I’ve never done it. Particularly amusing to me is that I first saw that in Kevin Swanson’s universe I’m some sort of apostate when I got home last night from hanging out with my Bible study group. Anyway, I can’t stop laughing.

On a somewhat more serious note, I would like to point out to Kevin Swanson that if his only solution to keep kids from becoming “apostate” is to keep them from learning critical thinking skills through debate, he’s got a problem. You shouldn’t have to shut down your brain and brainwash your children in order to keep them in the faith. If you have to do that to keep your kids from leaving, odds are that you’ve gotten yourself involved in a cult. 

I can’t stop laughing long enough to dissect the rest of Kevin Swanson’s podcast, although I should probably try and and contain my laughter since people listen and take him seriously, and that’s quite sad. Libby Anne has a good post about it though.

P.S. If you’re going to reference “” instead of mentioning Homeschoolers Anonymous by name, it would behoove you to register it yourself before putting your broadcast online. Let’s just say that it’s now been registered by some anonymous individual who is using the domain to help people find the site Swanson refused to mention and leave it at that.

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