Leaving, on a jet plane


Well folks, come tomorrow I’m skipping the country for a week to do study abroad in Belize. I’m studying international environmental law as it relates to sustainable development practices. Here’s hoping that I don’t get any bot flies, get bitten by a fer-de-lance, or get eaten by a jaguar.

Well, the odds of any of those things happening are rather small. It’s not like I didn’t grow up on the edge of a swamp and spend more than my fair share of time poking around where there were poisonous snakes without getting bitten, and I don’t intend to start now. It just sounds way more dramatic to talk about snakes and jaguars in the jungle than to say that I’ll be wandering around a forest not entirely unlike the kinds of places I’m more than used to here.

I’ll post pictures and such when I return to the US, while I’m in the jungle for four days I’ll be out of cell range and have no internet to blog or tweet. I’m not quite sure how I’ll handle that, I haven’t been completely out of communication with the rest of the world like that since before Al Gore invented the Internet in the ‘90s. I’m the one who was tweeting from the very top of Angkor Wat just because it could be done, this whole concept of being in a jungle without cell coverage will be like time warping. I just might go through technology withdrawal.

Anyway, so long and thanks for all the fish, see you again next Saturday.

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