This is a Belize trip picture post

Figured I should probably get around to writing about my trip to Belize studying environmental law, so here are some pictures. Rocking my best Dora the Explorer look. After arriving we got on a bus and drove a few hours to get to the Belize zoo. As you can see, parts of the country look […]

Leaving, on a jet plane

Well folks, come tomorrow I’m skipping the country for a week to do study abroad in Belize. I’m studying international environmental law as it relates to sustainable development practices. Here’s hoping that I don’t get any bot flies, get bitten by a fer-de-lance, or get eaten by a jaguar. Well, the odds of any of […]

I decided I’m going to Cambodia

I’d been trying to decide how to get back to Beijing after visiting Vietnam when I found out that a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years is going to be in Cambodia at the same time I’m in Vietnam. I haven’t ever been there, so it’s going to work out splendidly. After having […]

The problem with going home a week before I skip the country…

…Is that I have to decide in advance what I want to bring with me, when I still can’t even decide what shoes I should take. So I end up way overpacking for going home, just so I have options to chose from when I’m only intending to bring a single carry-on to go to […]