John MacArthur to parents: Shun your gay kids

Well, not all your gay children, just the ones who are adults (I think, he wasn’t really clear on the adult bit) and who are Christians. If your kid isn’t a Christian, you’re supposed to consider them a heathen and treat them accordingly, and go all out trying to convert them.

If your kid is a Christian and comes out to you though, you’re supposed to Matthew 18 them, going so far as dragging them before the church and excommunicating them. And then you’re supposed to cut off contact, don’t eat meals with them, shun them back into the kingdom. 

Oh, and he doesn’t actually define “adult,” so presumably this could mean kicking out your kid who’s 18, still in high school and living at home, relying on you for support. Not to mention that even though in the video he seems to be talking about adult children, the title of the video is, “How to Respond to a Homosexual Child,” as is the title of the post on his website.

How many parents are going to watch this video and end up kicking their child out? Half of all homeless youth in this country are LGBT, in large part due to parental rejection. How many more kids will end up homeless because of John MacArthur? 

Parental rejection, this Matthew 18-style shunning that MacArthur considers Biblical, is a significant contributing risk factor for suicides by LGBT people. How many people are going to end up being “loved” right into an early grave by parents following MacArthur’s advice?

At best, John MacArthur’s advice will destroy the relationships between parents and children and do immeasurable harm to the person who is shunned. Doing that to your own child isn’t love, it’s the ultimate in cruelty.

And for what? A handful of Bible verses that scholars don’t even agree on. That’s what John MacArthur is telling you is enough to shun your child.

John MacArthur’s ministry is called, “Grace to You.” This isn’t grace, it’s some sort of sick twisted antithesis. How many lives and relationships have to be destroyed before people say enough is enough and that this kind of teaching has no place in the church?

Published by Kathryn Brightbill

I was born at a very young age.

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