I’m working on a piece on America’s child marriage problem and it’s taking everything in my power to keep from posting an expletive-laden, ALL CAPS, wall of text screed full of gifs of things burning. For now it suffices to say that if you think Vaughn Ohlman and Let Them Marry is an isolated situation, you’re unfortunately mistaken. Child marriage is legal in all 50 states.

Since I’m taking a break for the night before I smash my computer to bits, I want to leave something important to your attention. Ohlman is speaking at the INCH Michigan Home Education Conference that’s being held May 19-21. Please consider contacting them and asking them to disinvite Ohlman and stop Let Them Marry from exhibiting. As long as Ohlman speaks and Let Them Marry has a presence at the convention, young girls are at risk.


You can contact INCH at 517.481.5994, through email, their website, or their Facebook page.


Note: INCH seems to be deleting all posts to their Facebook page about this. The post I left earlier tonight is now gone.

My feelings right now:


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