I’m going to take a temporary hiatus from my personal rule of ignoring bigots in blog comments so they don’t get the attention they crave because there’s a comment on my “Get your own house in order” post that proves my point. No matter how much they may claim that it’s really about a fear of cis straight male predators, that’s pretty clearly not true.

See, mamazee, my erstwhile commenter, left the following comment, completely ignoring my entire argument and insisting that yes, it is fear of predators taking advantage of non-discrimination laws to sneak in. And well, you can read it for yourself.

All the trigger warnings after the cut, because your brain just might boil.


I am completely with you on the church having a problem with sexual abuse and how to deal with it – Boz Tchividian is doing God’s work on this issue, and i think people need to realize that some people are drawn to churches not because they love God but because they know guards are down among “brothers and sisters”. On the other hand, transgender people are not the issue about the bathroom issue. Like you’ve said, a lot of transgender people have probably already used the bathrooms with us. We are not concerned about transgendered [sic] per se. We are concerned about perverts, using the lowered guards (now that any objection is being hammered into the ground) and the hesitation of anyone to *say anything* when they see a grown man follow a child into a bathroom. Not a transgendered


man, just any grown man. I am worried that it will be politically incorrect to be alarmed – that people will let abuse happen for basically the same reasons that our parents overlooked dangerous offender behaviour in grown men in our congregations growing up. We, as parents, always need to be vigilant. Sad, but true. – Link

It’s quite the lovely bit of concern trolling on her part, she hits all the talking points with style. Oh, no, she insists, “transgender people are not the issue about the bathroom issue,” and “We are not concerned about transgendered [sic] per se.” She’s just oh, so very, very concerned about grown men following children into bathrooms. But apparently only concerned about grown men following girl children into bathrooms, boy children are on their own (Jerry Sandusky, anyone?) because male virginity isn’t a valuable commodity to be bought and sold.

Anyway, the reason I decided to turn this into a post was that I looked at mamazee’s comment history and well, lookie here. Is that transphobia I see? Why yes, it is!


These are some pretty novel theories about why trans people are all wrong. I’ve gotta give it to her, she’s nothing if not creative.

And what have we here? Oh, just mamazee declaring that intersex people are defective, because of course she did.


And, if your brain hasn’t boiled yet, there’s this. Why, it’s mamazee coming right out and arguing precisely what she claimed she didn’t think in her concern trolling of my post. Namely, that trans women are threats to little girls, and that it’s “an attack by the powerful gay lobbyists against little girls.” Oh yeah, and the cherry on top was calling trans people “disordered.” In fact, she called the very existence of trans people in bathrooms to be “violence.”


From the beginning this has never been about protecting girls (and it’s only ever girls) from straight cis male predators “taking advantage” of non-discrimination laws. It never was about that. It’s just the talking point that clever religious right leaders thought up so that their followers could deny that it was trans discrimination and cynically hide their bigotry behind protecting women and children.

Scratch the surface and the bigotry and hate comes bubbling out like so much toxic, poisonous crude oil.

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