I Stand With Ahmed

I made this piece of art from wires and circuit boards. Would the Irving school district and police department think I should be arrested too? Or does the paleness of my skin mean my harmless projects are given the benefit of the doubt?  Ahmed Mohamed’s story–nerdy kid builds something cool, wants to show it off–is […]

Nerdy Homeschooler

Note: I wrote the following for Homeschooling Positives Week on Homeschooler’s Anonymous. *** I’m a nerd, a geek, though I suppose not enough of one to get caught up in the arguments over which of those terms is positive and which one is the insult. I was a female computer geek back before there were enough of us […]

Why I’m so conflicted about Ender’s Game and Orson Scott Card

I don’t normally do boycotts. Back in my retail days, the religious right went after the retailer I worked for as part of the whole “War on Christmas” silliness because they didn’t think the company slapped “Merry Christmas” on enough things. The result, at least on my part, was that was the last holiday season […]

Brain: Geek mode, engaged

I’ve been interning at the patent office this summer, back in the land of geeks and nerds. After spending the last few years in law school surrounded by liberal arts people (and ditto for the time working in Vietnam and my stint in the retail industry), it’s kind of weird to be surrounded by geeks […]