How do you even parody a song about a thrift shop?

Yesterday I posted about the rather horrible Christian knock-off of Mackelmore’s “Thrift Shop,” and made the aside that it wasn’t a parody because it wasn’t any sort of commentary on the original. That got me thinking, is it even possible to parody a hipster rapper who’s singing about shopping at thrift stores ironically? Trying to […]

You know what we need? A Christian version of “Thrift Shop”– said no one ever

No, just no. I mean, there’s even an unironic side-hug reference. Back in the olden days, the church was a driving factor in creating music and art. Today, we’re unironically ripping off hipster rap–and no, this isn’t a parody because it’s not any sort of commentary on the original. It’s time to do better and […]