Dispatches from the Culture Wars: DOMA

Sixteen and a half years ago President Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act, enshrining inequality into federal law. As Clinton tells it, he had to sign it because it was a veto-proof majority and any veto would have been overruled anyway, though I rather suspect that it had more to do with the fact […]

Guiding Gay Evangelicals Out of the Campus Closet

Guiding Gay Evangelicals Out of the Campus Closet At a number of evangelical Christian colleges, gay alumni are pressuring their alma maters to be more accepting and offering help to the closeted undergraduates there. ——– This article is relevant to the paper I’m trying to finish. It’s also relevant because I feel like there needs […]

Musings from a parallel universe

Earlier today I posted a link on facebook about how Michael Farris of Patrick Henry College threatened to sue the the people behind the Queer at Patrick Henry College blog for copyright infringement for using the name “Patrick Henry College”. [Here’s where we pause for a moment while I say, COPYRIGHT LAW DOES NOT WORK LIKE […]

Time for dialogue

In my election post, I talked about how I think people are tired of the culture wars. It’s time to move past the polarization, time to stop flinging flaming arrows at each other and time to stop beating people over the head with the Bible simply because we may disagree on something. In short, it’s […]

Pardon me if I seem to be in a bad mood…

…but I’m rather frustrated at the outcome of the North Carolina Amendment One vote. It’s always lovely to see that 61% of the voters in a state think you’re such a threat to civilization that they have to enshrine your inequality in their state constitution. I just love being reminded that I’m a second class […]