BBC: Why are fountain pen sales rising?

BBC: Why are fountain pen sales rising? *goes into hipster mode* I liked fountain pens before it got cool again *end hipster mode*. This is an interesting article, though I think that the BBC is wrong in their assertion that people are buying fountain pens as accessories rather than a working tool. To be sure, […]

You can never get home again

I went to a homeschool graduation tonight; someone I babysat for many years from the time she was a baby was graduating, which makes me feel incredibly old, though that is somewhat beside the point. Perhaps it was because it was the graduation put on by the homeschool support group that I never much cared […]

The problem with going home a week before I skip the country…

…Is that I have to decide in advance what I want to bring with me, when I still can’t even decide what shoes I should take. So I end up way overpacking for going home, just so I have options to chose from when I’m only intending to bring a single carry-on to go to […]

Pardon me if I seem to be in a bad mood…

…but I’m rather frustrated at the outcome of the North Carolina Amendment One vote. It’s always lovely to see that 61% of the voters in a state think you’re such a threat to civilization that they have to enshrine your inequality in their state constitution. I just love being reminded that I’m a second class […]

This is hilarious and awesome. laughterkey: monday-friday: Kids, back in 2012, your aunt Robin wanted to do something more with her life. So she took her love of guns to an organization called S.H.I.E.L.D and fought alongside the Avengers. Now, your Uncle Barney and I took it pretty hard; she was getting to spend a […]

I don’t think I want to live on this planet anymore

Kim Kardashian’s political ambitions are being treated as if they’re a real thing. You might as well just shoot me now, I don’t think I can live in a world where Kim Kardashian’s political ambitions are taken remotely seriously, even if it is just Huffington Post that’s taking them seriously. We’re talking about a woman […]