Absolutely stunning photos. discoverynews: Space Station Astronauts Log One Million Photos The astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station have logged one million photos — here’s a small selection of our favorites. more photos here Photo 1: After installing new windows for the ISS — the cupola pictured left — shuttle Endeavour undocked and […]

Weird Al suing Sony for $5 million

Weird Al suing Sony for $5 million More proof that even though the recording industry says they’re protecting artists when they go after piracy, they don’t care about artists. If you’re an artist and they can screw you over, they will. Also, I’m fairly sure that at this point, Sony needs Weird Al more than […]

This does not compute

One recurring theme in the fight against providing coverage for birth control, is the idea that sex is for recreation and insurance should not cover someone’s recreational activities.  Now, theoretically, I can understand the logic behind that even though I think that it’s a bad argument for a myriad of public policy reasons, not the […]

How Motorola used one of Linus Torvalds’ old Usenet posts to prove prior art in a patent fight

This is ridiculously nerdy on so many levels, but also really fascinating. Basically, Microsoft has been going after Android manufacturers using a patent they have on storing long file names in file systems that are designed for short file names. But, because the Internet never forgets, Motorola found a Usenet post that Linus Torvalds, creator […]

Perception equals truth. Before the 18th century, people knew that everything revolved around the Earth. Galileo couldn’t argue convincingly enough against the Catholic Church and if you stand outside without the benefit of what we consider basic scientific education it really does look like our planet is the center of everything. One viewpoint might be […]