RIP Carrie Fisher

We talk about representation in media, and I think it matters that my first princess wasn’t someone in a castle waiting to be rescued by a prince, it was Princess Leia being a badass. Yes, Princess Leia got captured by Jabba, but she got captured while she was the one playing the hero and rescuing of Han Solo. Then she rescued herself by strangling Jabba with her chains, which is seriously badass.

On public mourning when Evangelical culture kept you in the dark

My Twitter feed is full of remembrances from queer people tweeting about how much George Michael meant to them as kids, watching his videos and recognizing something of themselves in him. They all have these memories of his music as the soundtrack of their youth, while meanwhile the soundtrack of my teen years was Steve Taylor singing about how much God hates me. 

Bringing up God’s sovereignty is the ultimate cop out

God was sovereign in Nazi Germany. God was sovereign in Khmer Rouge Cambodia. God was sovereign in Mao’s China and Stalin’s Russia. God’s sovereignty does not absolve the Evangelical church of electing a man as president who promised to deport our Mexican brothers and sisters, who promised to lock up our Muslim neighbors, who chose […]

Election Thoughts

I haven’t blogged lately because I’ve been too busy trying to win the election to write about it, but I wanted to share a few thoughts in advance of election day. I’ve been becoming increasingly frustrated with single issue anti-abortion voters who are either voting Trump or refusing to vote for Clinton because of abortion. […]

Coming Soon: Popped Culture – Breaking the Homeschool Bubble

I’ve decided to start a periodic blog series on pop culture for sheltered homeschoolers and other people who grew up under a fundamentalist rock. It’s going to be an ongoing feature where I cover parts of pop culture that a lot of people who grew up in American fundamentalism missed out on. I’ll put up […]

Violence begets violence

Violence begets violence. We are a nation founded in blood, Nearly torn apart and held together in blood, Where every step towards equality is steeped in blood, And our founders believed the tree of liberty is watered in blood. Violence and death are not a bug, They’re a feature woven into the very fibers of […]

Killing Us Slowly

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, while listening to the slow motion horror unfolding on the Orlando fire rescue scanner, I sent out a tweet saying that I didn’t want conservative tears because they want us dead, this guy just followed through. I don’t want to see conservative tears over what happened in Orlando. […]

burn it down

I’m working on a piece on America’s child marriage problem and it’s taking everything in my power to keep from posting an expletive-laden, ALL CAPS, wall of text screed full of gifs of things burning. For now it suffices to say that if you think Vaughn Ohlman and Let Them Marry is an isolated situation, […]

It was never about bathrooms, Exhibit A

I’m going to take a temporary hiatus from my personal rule of ignoring bigots in blog comments so they don’t get the attention they crave because there’s a comment on my “Get your own house in order” post that proves my point. No matter how much they may claim that it’s really about a fear of […]


You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging much lately. It turns out that having someone threaten to murder you and your whole family because you wrote about the world’s worst homesteaders tends to put a damper on your creativity. When I started this blog I wasn’t doing it for readership. I’ve never been much for […]